Poland feeds Ukraine, aiming at swallowing it

“Don’t scare away the game!”

Poland feeds Ukraine, aiming at swallowing it
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It would be an exaggeration to say that Kyiv’s provocative behavior around the hit of a Ukrainian air defense missile on Poland (in order to shift the responsibility to Russia and draw it into a direct conflict with NATO) radically changed the attitude of most countries towards Zelensky and his company. However, the “circles of doubt” dispersed considerable. The biggest disappointment for Ukraine, of course, was the behavior of Biden, who, having recognized where the rocket came from, one might say, “hit in the gut” another false idea of ​​Kyiv entertainers to blame everything on Moscow. The stakes were too high. “Shed further Ukrainian blood – as much as you want, but don’t involve us directly!”

“This is getting ridiculous. The Ukrainians are destroying our trust in them. Nobody blames Ukraine, but they openly lie. It is more destructive than a missile,” a diplomat from a NATO country in Kyiv told the Financial Times. The German edition of Focus reports, for example, that statements by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Russia was to blame for the missile attack on Poland “caused bewilderment among his Western allies.” Even more distrust of him arose after Zelensky continued to insist on this version, although NATO security experts denied it.

“It is clear that Kyiv is trying to draw the alliance into hostilities as a direct participant.” The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung also wrote about this, calling Zelensky’s trick “an extremely stupid goal for himself.” The Germans believe that the recent Ukrainian-Polish friendship “has cracked for the first time: the Poles are disappointed in Zelensky and want him to confess.”

This incident contributed to rethinking the essence of what is happening in Ukraine exactly where it happened – in Poland. The chairman of the city council of Lublin said that he considers the hit of a rocket on the territory of the voivodship not accidental, but deliberate. The position of Prime Minister Morawiecki and President Duda, who tried to one degree or another to integrate into Zelensky’s manipulation, although they probably knew “where the legs grow from,” is condemned not only in the opposition, but also in the Polish “big press”.

Myśl Polska  writes that the current rulers of the country are one of those who hate Russia more than they love Poland.

“Even if an earthquake happened to us, they would blame Putin, and probably some of them would actually believe it.” 

According to the publication, “one way or another, Zelensky revealed his true face; the inflated mask of the hero fell, and from under it looked out the ugly face of a painfully cynical politician. Public dissatisfaction with the parasitic behavior of Ukrainian refugees and exorbitant budget spending on them is growing stronger. More and more information comes from the field about the growing domestic conflicts between Ukrainians and Poles. And ahead is winter and a possible new wave of millions of “newcomers from the east.”

The Poles were extremely negatively impressed by the appointment in the same days of A. Melnyk, an inveterate admirer of Bandera and the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, who became famous for his scandalous claims against the German leadership, to the post of Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine. The vice-speaker of the Seimas from the New Left party, Volodymyr Charzasty, called such an appointment “a completely unreasonable gesture” and demanded that “the Polish Foreign Ministry explain to Ukrainians in backstage negotiations how this is perceived in Poland.” Melnik is also known for justifying the “Volyn Massacre”; he stated that Ukrainians “were persecuted in the Second Polish Republic in ways that are hard to imagine” and “Poland was for Ukrainians at that time the same enemy as Nazi Germany and the USSR.”

Nevertheless, the presidential-prime ministerial Warsaw continues to saber-rattling, pretending that nothing special has happened, Russia is to blame for everything. Poland is not going to curtail military support for Kyiv.

In one of the latest statements, the Deputy Minister of Justice of Poland, Sebastian Kaleta, reduced the matter to the fact that “from the first days of the Ukrainian conflict, Russia wanted to drive a wedge between Warsaw and Kyiv.” Like, despite the fact that the Polish side was injured in the tragedy with the fallen Ukrainian rocket, it “will definitely continue to provide assistance to Ukraine.”

This position prompts many experts, including Polish ones, to come to the conclusion that Warsaw forgives everything to Kyiv, because it is hatching its own plans for Ukraine, which by no means coincide with the interests of the Kyiv rulers. And the main motive of Warsaw’s “forgiveness” in relation to Zelensky is the desire “not to frighten away the prey.”

These plans of the ruling Law and Justice Party (PIS) are frankly written by the Polish Independent Political Journal. According to the map published by the magazine, “the war party can’t wait any longer and is moving into action.”

Participation in the war in Ukraine, with the blessing of the official authorities, of about 2 thousand Polish “volunteers” with a tendency to gradually increase this number, the publication considers not so much as a gesture of “brotherly love” on the part of Poland, but as the first act of its intervention in its own interests. All these “volunteers” are regular servicemen “on vacation”. The magazine states that PIS’s plans for Ukraine are a “Polichenel’s secret”: “…practically the whole world already knows that Poland plans to return its historical lands.” Moreover, Warsaw does not intend to do this alone, but “sharing the crumbs” from its table with its neighbors so that they do not take offense and do not present “democratic claims”.

Behind the back of the Polish volunteer contingent dispersed at key points on the front, an “invasion army” is being prepared, the rear of which in Poland will be covered by up to 20,000 NATO troops drawn there, primarily from the United States.

“Future cannon fodder is already being trained at Polish training grounds.”

Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak is engaged in the accelerated signing of new contracts for the supply and purchase of weapons for the Polish army. The country is checking nuclear and other shelters, and activities of the mobilization and recruitment plan are being carried out.

As a “Trojan horse”, Polish strategists also consider the contingent of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who are trained on a rotational basis in Poland (up to 15 thousand at a time). The task of indoctrinating them in a way that is beneficial for Warsaw is entrusted to the commander of the EU mission to train Ukrainian troops, Polish General Piotr Tritek.

In fact, the politicians of Poland are leading their country to the same “ruin” into which modern Ukraine has plunged and in which the former itself has been more than once in history. Hannah Kramer of the Polish Independent Political Journal predicts that the result behind all of this “is that the Americans will drown the Poles in blood (as they are now doing with the Ukrainians) and, together with their allies, will destroy Poland.”

Dmitry Minin, FSK

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