Majority of Republicans disagree with uncontrolled aid to Ukraine

Most of the deputies of the Republican Party are dissatisfied with the proposal of the Congress to provide Ukraine with a new financial tranche in the amount of $37 billion. The Hill newspaper wrote about it.

Majority of Republicans disagree with uncontrolled aid to Ukraine

According to the publication, some Republicans in Congress agree with the provision of this amount, which the White House requested earlier, but many of their party members are in no hurry to indicate their position.

“This is huge money. I think we will have to have an open discussion on this issue”, the newspaper quotes the words of a senior Republican in the subcommittee on homeland security of the Congressional Senate Appropriations Committee, Shelley Moore Capito.

“There is strong bipartisan support for aid to Ukraine, but I think there is also interest in keeping track of the dollars that have already been spent,” said John Thune, deputy head of the Republican minority in the Senate. In his opinion, most likely, the deputies of the next convocation of Congress, whose work will begin in January next year, will most likely deal with most issues on providing new assistance to Kyiv.

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