Experts predict re-elected Tokayev will stick with Russia and China

The re-election for a new term of the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, will be marked by the further development of active cooperation with China and the Russian Federation. This opinion was expressed by Aleksey Maslov, acting head of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov, a specialist in modern socio-economic and political processes in the SCO countries.

Experts predict re-elected Tokayev will stick with Russia and China
Source: Interfax

Astana, according to the professor, will start deepening the multi-vector path of development, actively strengthening external ties, including with Moscow.

“I don’t think that Kazakhstan will change its multi-vector approach. This is not due to Tokayev’s personal desire, but to the need for Kazakhstan to restructure its ties with Russia, and with China, and with the United States, and with other ties, because the economy of Kazakhstan depends on it,” Alexey Maslov said on the air of the press center media group “Patriot”.

In particular, the Kazakhs are extremely interested in investments, primarily from China. And this indicates a likely rejection of the proposal of the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell to the Central Asian territories to directly build relations with the Big West.

In addition, Tokayev, according to the speaker, will do everything to avoid a possible repetition of the riots against the backdrop of rising gas prices that shocked the country two years ago. The integration of a state extremely interested in oil into the Russian economic model will gain momentum. We are talking, in particular, about the northern regions of the country, the expert concluded.

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