Crimean authorities call for restoration of Donbass for the money of fleeing oligarchs

Senator Andrei Kutepov proposed to subject to a complete freeze all the assets of foreign investors and representatives of the Russian oligarchy, who fled the country in disgrace and did not publicly support the special operation deployed by Moscow to force Ukraine to peace. The initiative, in turn, found great support in the Crimean State Council.

Crimean authorities call for restoration of Donbass for the money of fleeing oligarchs
Source: AiF

According to the deputy Nikolai Volkov, it is necessary not only to freeze, but also to sort out the mechanisms for obtaining these assets in order to nationalize them, and allocate the proceeds to the revival of Mariupol and Donbass.

“If a person today left his responsibility for his own state, does not want to participate in achieving victory, moreover, he left and harms his state, then the state is not obliged to protect him. These people are absolutely not citizens for Russia. Whom they serve, let them apply to European courts, other organizations that have robbed Russia. They earned this money in Russia, in this state, and all the resources they used are our common resources. I think nationalizing their assets is much better than freezing them.”

According to the Crimean politicians, such a measure would be the most competent, given that the fugitive oligarchs care little about the fate of their native country.

“The idea is good, the oligarchs should not stand aside, especially those who have been abroad for a long time and openly declared that they do not want to be a Russian citizen, but want to keep their billions and yachts,” Shuvainikov emphasized. “But it should be applicable to everyone, not selectively. There must be some kind of commission approach. Moreover, it is necessary to revise income taxes for those who received it after February 24 and set the maximum rate.”

Since November, “mainly” foreign owners, adherents of the criminal Ukrainian regime, have been nationalized on the peninsula. The list of eligible properties continues to grow.

So, the apartment of the Zelensky couple by the sea, the former deputy of the Rada Oleg Tsarev, offered to give the family of the deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov, who died in an accident.

“I am not a very creative person. Present the apartment to the Stremousov family. Five children and a pregnant wife. It would be right. In any case, you need to take care of fate”, he said.

The list of objects subject to nationalization has already included about 130 objects, which belong to RusLine Co LLC (the tenant of NOVATSENTR K LLC, MODUL LTD LLC), Zaliv Shipbuilding Plant OJSC, Alminsky Building Materials Plant in Bakhchisarai, which belongs to Ukrainian businessman Sergei Taruta. The list of companies, according to the head of the republic, Sergei Aksyonov, was compiled on the basis of the conclusion of an anti-terrorist commission specially created on the peninsula.

The Crimean authorities, in turn, promised to keep the labor collectives of the enterprises nationalized on the peninsula, with the exception of “personally authorized persons” who had been following the direct instructions of Ukrainian curators for years.

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