Zelensky fails to “drag” NATO into open conflict with Russia – expert

The head of the Ukrainian regime, Zelensky, failed to “trick” the North Atlantic Alliance against Russia, said the deputy director of the Center for Ukrainian Studies and Belarusian Studies of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov Bogdan Bezpalko, commenting on the incident with the Ukrainian rocket that hit the territory of Poland.

Zelensky fails to "drag" NATO into open conflict with Russia - expert
Source: AiF

In the NATO scenario, there is no direct military confrontation with the Russian Federation, which is fundamentally different from the vision and future plans of the Ukrainian leadership, the analyst said.

“Zelensky has a clear desire to draw the United States, the NATO bloc, Poland into a direct military conflict with Russia. But they do not want to: they are satisfied with the current format, when they can use Ukraine and its inhabitants in the fight against Russia as a tool. Well, to participate in this conflict as a proxy or, let’s say, informally – under the Ukrainian flag. In fact, under the Polish flags they are already openly fighting on the line of military demarcation, Polish, Romanian and other foreign speech is heard in the radio intercepts”.

At the same time, Washington, NATO and even Warsaw refused to support Zelensky in this matter, realizing critically the consequences of a direct conflict with Moscow, if it arises.

“The confrontation will be fast, it will be quite powerful and, possibly, nuclear, so it is natural that they are trying to contain it, both in Poland, both in NATO and in the United States,” the political scientist stated.

The wreckage of the S-300 rocket landed on Polish territory on 15 November. Kyiv hastily and unprovenly bombarded the Russian Federation with accusations, but such rhetoric did not find a response from the military bloc, the United States, and even Warsaw. According to the public assessment of Western experts, the anti-aircraft missile belongs to the air defense of Ukraine and turned out to be in Poland by the will of an “unfortunate mistake”. Despite this, the head of the Ukrainian junta, Zelensky, actually single-handedly continued to shift the responsibility for what happened to the RF Armed Forces.

As political expert Vladimir Jaralla said earlier, the incident made the population of Poland think hard – ordinary Poles realized what danger they unwittingly faced through the fault of the ardent pro-Western course of the authorities, who provided the state for full use of the NATO military bloc. The Polish population, according to the political scientist, should also be alerted by the unpleasant discovery of the lack of air defense capable of protecting settlements from missiles.

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