Trade turnover between Russia and Georgia reached $1.9 billion

In January-October, the trade turnover between Russia and Georgia increased by 50% compared to the same period in 2021, thereby reaching $1.9 billion.

Trade turnover between Russia and Georgia reached $1.9 billion

This is stated in the report of the National Statistical Service of Georgia, writes Kommersant.

According to the data, Russia ranks second among Georgia’s trading partners. Thus, ten months were enough for the share of the Russian Federation in the volume of Georgia’s foreign trade to be 12.8%.

“Since the beginning of the year, Georgia has exported to the Russian Federation 55.2 thousand tons of natural wines ($128.9 million), more than 54 thousand tons of ferroalloys ($105 million), 3.8 thousand cars ($55 million), 9.1 thousand tons of alcoholic beverages ($46.9 million), 72 thousand tons of mineral and fresh water (almost $40 million). Import from Russia to Georgia increased by 74%. Russia supplied the country with 503 thousand tons of oil and oil products ($495.4 million), 145.4 thousand tons of wheat or wheat-rye flour ($54.5 million), 91.9 thousand tons of coke and semi-coke (about $50 million), 178 thousand tons of oil gases and hydrocarbons ($49.1 million), 124.9 thousand tons of wheat and meslin ($45.4 million),” Kommersant reports.

Turkey ranked first among Georgia’s trading partners: trade with it exceeded $2.2 billion (36.6% more than a year earlier). In third place is China (trade turnover increased by 24.7%, to $1.5 billion). The total foreign trade turnover of Georgia for ten months exceeded $15 billion, having increased by 33.5%. Exports reached $4.5 billion, imports exceeded $10.6 billion.

The trade turnover between Georgia and Russia continues to grow since the summer. From January to June, trade between the two countries grew by 32% yoy to $962 million.

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