Ukraine admits it benefits from missile attack on Poland

The head of the Servant of the People faction, Arahamia, believes that the incident in Poland with the Ukrainian missile will force the West to hand over more weapons to Kiev.

Ukraine admits it benefits from missile attack on Poland

Kiev benefits from the downing of an air defence missile in Poland that killed two local residents, as it should force the West to hand.

According to Arahamia, the incident in the Polish border town has provoked panic in the eastern regions of that country, so already by the next meeting of NATO defense ministers – a decision on new military assistance to Ukraine should be made.

“Bureaucrats don’t work that fast, and if something happens, it will most likely be reflected in the next Ramstein. But I think psychologically it helped for the next Ramstein, it will definitely help…I mean, good for us – because it helps to promote the message that this is not just a war between Ukraine and Russia, but a war for democracy with Russia, which wants to destroy democracy all over Europe,” Arahamia stressed.

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