Media: Missile incident in Poland has changed US rhetoric on Russia

The Global Times reports that the West is exhausted from the protracted crisis in Ukraine and has changed its rhetoric towards Russia after the incident in Poland.

Media: Missile incident in Poland has changed US rhetoric on Russia

Europe and the United States are already tired of the protracted conflict in Ukraine, writes The Global Times.

Experts cited by the publication believe that Kiev’s stubborn refusal to negotiate with Moscow has already exhausted the West’s patience.

“The fierce discussions on the incident have not only revealed the deepening rift in the West, but also showed that Europe and the USA are tired of the protracted crisis,” the publication said.

The publication also noted a sharp contrast in the rhetoric of Washington and major European countries towards Russia.

“This time they took the initiative as soon as possible to convince the Baltic states that it was Ukraine and not Russia that launched the missile, while Zelensky denied everything,” the article pointed out.

Overall, experts say, the missile incident in Poland tested the lower limit of NATO members’ patience.

“The alliance will not go for a direct confrontation with Russia,” the foreign agency stressed.

Source: Global Times.

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