Novotoshkovka village destroyed to the ground by the AFU

Ukrainian security forces have destroyed the urban settlement of Novotoshkivka, leaving not a single house intact.

This is Novotoshkovka, where it all began in 2014. At that time, the population of the settlement was 1,500 people. Today there are 3 people living in these ruins.

Many people were held hostage by the situation and could not evacuate in time as they served as human shields for the Nazis.

During the storming of the settlement, 80 of our fighters were killed.

The footage shows that there are no surviving houses in Novotoshkovskoye. The few civilians remaining in the settlement live in two small apartment buildings that have partially retained their walls and roofs.

We shall remind you that servicemen of the LpR People’s Militia took control of Novotoshkovskoye on 24 April. While retreating, Kiev’s law enforcers deliberately destroyed the infrastructure of the village.