Why Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure are humane

Why is Russia hitting the energy infrastructure in Ukraine, because ordinary people are suffering, and not Zelensky, one can often hear such a question

Why Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure are humane
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Why humanity is implied, if people are left without light, without heat, and without water, the questioners do not understand.

Let’s figure it out.

1. There is fighting. The methods are considered humane not because that the life of people has become less comfortable, but because these people remain alive.

Killing people and blowing up substations are different things from the point of view of humanity, agree.

The United States, in order to force Zelensky to peace, would kill thousands of people, would not waste time on trifles. The Americans would have bombed the cities of Ukraine, as they previously bombed cities in many other states.

So is there a share of humanity in missile strikes on energy infrastructure, or not?

2. It is also possible to provide a minimum level of comfort with mobile life support systems. And how many generators and heaters did the West give to Ukraine? How many humanitarian convoys did you send to help Ukraine get through the winter comfortably? Zero? Only weapons are sent?

So why is the hatred directed at Russia, and not at the West, which openly says to Ukraine: we don’t care about your comfort, we need you like meat in a war with Russia. Is it cold at home? Then go to the front: you will warm up in tanks, or on forced marches.

3. And most importantly. For eight years I lived among those who did not care about the war in the Donbass. For them, this war was only in the news bulletins: like somewhere in Syria, or in distant Africa, and not at home, where compatriots die every day. They continued to live as if there was no war.

All their hatred for Russia, especially after February 24, lies precisely in the fact that the war has now deprived them personally of their usual way of life. They would like to have money, a favorite wine in stores, a movie, beaches, concerts, and not that’s all.

And therefore they did not care about the war for eight years, this war did not affect their personal lives. And now they are deprived of all this: Putin has deprived them of movies, wine and the beach. And so they are not against the war, only so that this war does not interfere with their lives.

But is Russia to blame for the war? Was it Zelensky who tried to persuade Russia to comply with the Minsk agreements for two years, and Russia refused? No, it was the other way around: it was Zelensky who led Ukraine to war, even though he swore in peace.

Does Zelensky now want an end to the war? No, even now he does not need peace, but the borders of 1991. Although, it was possible to fulfill the Minsk agreements and live now both in peace and with the Donbass under the sovereignty of Ukraine.

And I do not gloat at all over everyone who is now in Ukraine. No, on the contrary: I wish them all to survive and live. If you freeze, then you’re alive. And this is the main thing in a country where there is a war. Not entertainment, but life. Even not comfortable, but life.

And there is no need to regret how it was: you can’t return either the borders of 1991, or the past world, or the past comfort. And is it worth it? Saving lives is now more important: there will be a better world, and then comfort.

Alexander Skubchenko

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