“To the last Ukrainian”: Kyiv launches covert mass mobilization

Ukraine continues covert but active mass mobilization. Particularly cynical against this background are the rantings of the country’s Ministry of Defense about the senselessness of the general conscription aimed at calming the minds of the population.

“To the last Ukrainian”: Kyiv launches covert mass mobilization
Source: Rusvesna.su

The colossal losses of Kyiv are forcing the latter to actually forcibly indiscriminately call up the male population of the country to the front – the Ukrainian regime demonstrates its readiness to “fight to the last Ukrainian”, sending citizens to the front line, regardless of age and state of health. Contrary to the assurances of the Ukrainian defense department about the absence of an additional wave in the plans, the facts indicate the opposite, experts say.

“The summons should be awaited by all men liable for military service under the age of 60. That is, those who are liable for military service”, the chief military commissar of Kyiv, Yuriy Maksimov, said on Ukrainian TV.

According to the military commissar, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in dire need of additional staffing – mobilization is considered an extreme necessity there. Ukrainian telegram channels, in turn, report that the desire of the General Staff for mass mobilization is due to data received from Britain about a sharp increase in the Russian group in the special operation zone.

“Our source in the President’s Office said that a new wave of mobilization has already begun in Ukraine. In addition, 100,000 people will be called up within two months, which will make it possible to complete the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after heavy fighting on the eastern and southern fronts”, the Resident reports.

At the same time, from the data of ordinary Ukrainians interviewed by experts, it follows that summonses are handed out en masse right on the streets.

“Summons are handed out right on the streets. The military, together with the police intercept pedestrians, stop cars. Last week there was a raid on a market near my house. Those who receive summons are usually afraid to ignore them and go to the draft board. There are exceptions, but if they are caught, they say, there can be serious problems. At the same time, in local online newspapers, viber groups, telegram channels, raids are most often silent. This topic is taboo. Probably, the admins are under pressure from the SBU”.

According to analysts, the new wave of mobilization is explained by the colossal losses in manpower of the Ukrainian side. At the same time, Bankovaya prefers to hide the exact numbers of killed and wounded militants “under the cloth.” As OSINT has already calculated, the irretrievable losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reached at least four hundred thousand people.

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