NATO ridicules Zelensky’s words about the allegedly Russian missile that fell in Poland

The unfounded statements of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky about a missile that allegedly fell in Poland, which allegedly was Russian, undermine the confidence of NATO member countries in Kyiv. This was written by the British newspaper Financial Times, citing a diplomat from one of the states that are members of the alliance.

NATO ridicules Zelensky's words about the allegedly Russian missile that fell in Poland

“This is getting ridiculous. Ukrainians are destroying their credibility. No one blames Ukraine [for the incident], but they openly lie. This is more destructive than the missile itself”, the publication reports the words of a representative of a NATO country (quoted by TASS).

Recall, on Wednesday, November 16, President of Poland Andrzej Duda voiced the assessment of the authorities of the republic of the situation with the fallen rocket. It is officially recognized that the missile belonged to the air defense forces of Ukraine. The US State Department said that the administration of President Joe Biden has full confidence in the accuracy of the conclusions of the Polish authorities. The Russian Foreign Ministry called Kyiv’s statements regarding the incident a “gross provocation.”

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