US uses UN to legitimize the theft of Russian assets – expert

The West is doing everything possible to legitimize the theft of Russian assets through the General Assembly, turning the United Nations into a mechanism for legitimizing their own criminal actions. This was stated by an expert in the field of political science Vasily Koltashov.

US uses UN to legitimize the theft of Russian assets - expert

Commenting on the vote in the UN General Assembly for the draft resolution on reparations to Kyiv, the analyst stressed that the current model of the organization is full of shortcomings.

“The UN should include everyone. The problem is that most of the states that make up the organization are not independent. Formally, they have constitutions, elected presidents, governments and parliaments. However, they are subject to veiled American control through corruption, bureaucracy, and other means of influence. The last vote clearly showed this”, the expert noted.

As historical practice shows, Washington treats the structure with particular cynicism, using the UN for its own selfish interests.

“During the war in Iraq, UN decisions failed to stop the US intentions to bomb the country. Now Washington is trying to use the organization as a tool to legitimize its actions. In this case, we are talking about financial crimes. In particular, this concerns the desire to steal Russian assets with the support and participation of the European Union”, FAN quotes.

Driven by a thirst to steal the assets of the Russian Federation, the militaristic democracy of the West “puts an end” to the existence of Ukraine state as a state, the expert is sure.

“By its desire to take away Russian assets, Washington demonstrates disbelief in the vital activity of the Kyiv regime, which is unable to pay for arms costs. The United States is burying Ukraine in this way,” the expert summed up.

As, in turn, the deputy head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said, such “theft” will force Moscow to seize the funds and property of private foreign companies that are today on the territory of the state. Foreign loans frozen in the accounts of money and other valuables in Russia for more than 300 billion dollars. This, according to Medvedev, will be quite enough to compensate for the stolen.

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