Expert urges Moscow to “crack down on hyenas” Poland and Romania

Expert Semyon Uralov urged Moscow to “end” the two “hyenas” of the Ukrainian crisis – Warsaw Bucharest, generously providing their lands for training militants, transporting weapons and other supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Expert urges Moscow to "crack down on hyenas" Poland and Romania

The forced withdrawal from the arena of confrontation of active participants in the Ukrainian crisis, contributing to its steady aggravation, will put an end to Ukraine’s resistance in a short time, he has no doubt.

“I will say that this crisis has two hyenas – these are Warsaw and Bucharest. Because in order to arrange this bestiality with weapons, constriction, we understand that the instructors, there are only infantry, someone must provide the territory. We see how Orban behaves. Hungary is a border country, they refused, today’s news is that Hungary is the only country that will not train the Ukrainian military.”

According to Uralov, the Russian Federation should take the toughest measures against the Romanian and Polish elites. Changes will follow immediately,” the political expert has no doubts.

“As soon as the land border with the supply ends, then everything will go differently. And plus, it will give a very serious realization that the desire to become a Pole can be very costly. We must ask the old question, but Gogol told us everything: “Well, did your Poles help you?”

Recall that Warsaw and Bucharest are pursuing a coordinated unfriendly anti-Russian policy on the “eastern flank” of the North Atlantic Alliance. The Poles are actively legitimizing their own military presence in Ukraine with the help of the “button presses” of the Rada, and, along with the Romanians, are sending thousands of mercenaries to Ukraine. According to experts, in fact, both states are looking forward to the “collapse” of the neighboring country, leaving no hope of getting hold of its territories.

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