Konstantin Knyrik: the attitude of the News Front news agency to collections and assistance to the military

Message from the head of the News Front news agency Konstantin Knyrik on organizing the collection of funds and material assistance to the military on the front line.

Konstantin Knyrik: the attitude of the News Front news agency to collections and assistance to the military
Source: politobzor.net

“In connection with the large number of questions and appeals, I consider it necessary to indicate the position of our news agency in matters of a huge number of different fees, volunteers for the needs of the army and the civilian population”.

We know dozens of civil initiatives, we know responsible guys who do a lot of volunteer work, approach collections responsibly, provide reports and, most often, add their funds to solve problems.

Our news agency and staff provides assistance to fighters and civilians in war zones solely from personal funds and without public demonstration of our assistance. Our agency is voluntary and many employees basically have no salaries and fees, but many of our colleagues are also active in social activities, humanitarian, and also work in other jobs to feed their families. There is no ban on humanitarian activities for volunteers, military correspondents, journalists of our agency, but this has nothing to do with our direct activities, the work of the agency.

In turn, we responsibly declare that we fully and completely support and help in the implementation of the humanitarian mission of our wonderful, talented and most responsible colleague Yulia Vityazeva.

I personally know about the volume of personal financial participation of Yulia and her family, I know how many people she was able to attract and involve in direct assistance, I know all the areas of this assistance and the units that receive it. I know all that incredible amount of humanitarian aid to civilians in need. The entire team supports her as much as possible and thanks her for her responsible and selfless work.

We are also aware of the volunteer activities of our military correspondent Georgy Medvedev and support his desire to help people.

In connection with frequently asked questions, we publish information and details of Yulia Vityazeva for everyone who asks how to help. All information about the fees, reports are posted on her Telegram channel: https://t.me/vityzeva«.


Julia Mikhailovna L.

Konstantin Knyrik, Head of News Front

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