Georgia answered why trade with Russia increased in 2022

The Ministry of Finance of Georgia explained why the country is actively importing goods from Russia, rejecting the need for artificial diversification of the market, Sputnik reports.

Georgia answered why trade with Russia increased in 2022

Minister of Finance of Georgia Lashi Khutsishvili answered the question why the country continues to import oil products and wheat from Russia. According to him, Georgian companies use the rules of the free market and buy these products in a neighboring country due to relatively low prices.

“Where they see an opportunity to import at the lowest price, commercial operators naturally do it,” Khutsishvili said.

He noted that the need to diversify the sources of imports of specific goods arises when they become scarce. Now there is no such need.

It is noteworthy that in the first nine months of 2022, the trade turnover between Georgia and Russia increased by almost 50% compared to last year and amounted to $1.7 billion. Exports from Georgia to Russia increased by 11%.

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