U.S. is preparing a new “anti-Russian” front through Belarus – Dziennik Polityczny

Polish training grounds are training the future “cannon fodder”, which will soon go to a new front opened by the Pentagon to fight the Russian Federation, Hanna Kramer, columnist for the Polish edition of Dziennik Polityczny, was outraged by this fact.

U.S. is preparing a new "anti-Russian" front through Belarus - Dziennik Polityczny
Source: EA Daily

The expert commented on the Pentagon’s statement about sending additional US troops to Warsaw. Recall that earlier two tens of thousands of US militants had already left for Europe with the light hand of Biden.

“There is only one question, for what purpose will they be placed in our country? Currently, Poland ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of remaining US military forces. There are 4,000 people here permanently. Another 4.7 thousand people were sent under the pretext of a “threat” from Russia. In addition, more than 12,000 soldiers of the North Atlantic Alliance can be included in the rotation at the same time. In total, more than 20,000 people, which corresponds to two US divisions”, the observer writes.

According to Kramer, the States are preparing to open an additional anti-Russian front through Belarus. Moreover, in accordance with Washington’s plans, the Poles will gain total control over both Ukraine and its political system. Evidence, according to the observer, is also a large-scale republican program, presented free of charge by the Polish Ministry of Defense, which includes training citizens to handle weapons, survival skills in a military situation, training in hand-to-hand combat, and at the same time, the intricacies of military printing.

“If you think that PiS (the ruling Law and Justice party in Poland) wants to endanger only adult citizens, then you are very mistaken. Kaczynski (PiS leader) and his gang will stop at nothing in their imperial ambitions. The pseudo-government of Poland also plans to take advantage of our children. A month ago, information appeared in the media about the return to military training schools. Shooting ranges have already been created, compulsory military training is underway in schools. As a result of such studies, every high school graduate should be able to shoot a pistol and a gun. The Americans will drown the Poles in their own blood, as they are doing now with the Ukrainians.”

According to Kramer, the States continue to create tension in the Polish territories. The observer fears that her country will turn into a battlefield like Ukraine, recalling that the West has been actively “pumping up” the latter with weapons since 2014. The only threat to Poland, the expert considers her own government.

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