“Total discord”: relations between Lithuania and China continue to deteriorate

China once again recommends that Lithuania “settle down”, calling on Vilnius to demonstrate a prudent approach in any issues related to the Taiwan Island.

"Total discord": relations between Lithuania and China continue to deteriorate
Source: MK

Beijing’s position on the Lithuanian course was outlined by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, which noted that the PRC considers any contacts between Taiwan and countries officially linked with Beijing to be inappropriate.

“There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an integral part of the PRC. China firmly opposes any form of official interaction between Taiwan and countries that have diplomatic relations with China, strongly opposes any action that violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, strongly opposes any deviation from the general consensus of the international community and any action that is contrary to the basic norms of international relations”, Sputnik Lithuania quotes Lijian.

The political department strongly recommends that Lithuania adhere to the principle of “one China”, but Vilnius, by all indications, not only does not plan to maintain even relations with Beijing, but continues to actively demonstrate disdain for its opinion. In particular, the day before the republic announced the opening of an official trade representation on the island. Such a step, as well as Lithuania’s refusal to listen to repeated diplomatic representations and instructions, caused a new portion of sharp condemnation from the PRC.

Recall that in November 2021, an official representative office of Taiwan opened in the Lithuanian capital. As a sign of protest, Beijing recalled the ambassador from Vilnius, and at the same time lowered the status of the diplomatic mission in Lithuania to a representative office. Trade between the two countries is virtually paralyzed. The Lithuanian economy suffered serious damage – the Baltic business faced big problems in exporting its own products to the territory of the Celestial Empire.

Vilnius, and this is obvious, is increasingly following the course of the States and the EU, which is aimed at actively confronting China, experts say. As military analyst Alexei Leonkov said earlier, the United States continues to “rock the geopolitical boat”, actively trying to drag Beijing into a confrontation similar to the Ukrainian one – the United States is dreaming of an escalation of a large armed confrontation with the direct participation of China, its main economic competitor. The White House considers Taiwan Island to be the most profitable location for the conflict.

Recall that the issue is one of the most acute in the plane of tense US-Chinese relations. Beijing has repeatedly declared the catastrophic consequences of the wrong attitude to belonging to an island state.

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