“Military trick” of the RF Armed Forces in Kherson unnerves Kyiv

Russia managed to find the most “simple remedy” against the vaunted American HIMARS, which is generously sent to Ukrainian militants by the West. It was the temporary movement of the civilian population of the city to safe areas.

"Military trick" of the RF Armed Forces in Kherson unnerves Kyiv
Source: MK

As it became known from Ukrainian media reports, Bankovaya became nervous because NATO missiles would be powerless. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian army showed cunning, carefully preparing for fierce battles in urban areas.

“Such tactics make missile strikes meaningless. Why waste expensive HIMARS ammunition when there are only a few people in the building. And there are thousands of such buildings throughout the city. This is not the case when all the forces of the enemy have gathered in one place. On the contrary, they spread out, becoming a difficult target”.

According to Russian experts, Ukrainian militants also used similar tactics, however, unlike Russian forces, residents of high-rise buildings were actively used by nationalists as a “human shield”.

Recall, recently the motor ships stopped transporting the population of the Dnieper Right Bank. According to the local administration, the road from the Left Bank is also closed. Citizens who left Kherson are not recommended to return to its territory.

On October 18, preparations for a mass displacement of Kherson residents were announced. The reason was the incessant shelling by Ukrainian militants. Later, the authorities were forced to expand the evacuation zone by another 15 km – it had to include seven more municipalities of the Left Bank of the Dnieper.

As Alexander Malkevich, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, said earlier, protecting Kherson residents from death due to the brutal Ukrainian nationalists is Russia’s key task. In addition, the movement of people will provide new opportunities for the maneuver of the RF Armed Forces, and it will be possible to build powerful defensive lines around Kherson. Russian troops are not going to surrender the city. Moreover, the Russian strategy is aimed not only at ensuring the safety of the civilian population, but also at preserving its own soldiers. At the same time, the criminal Kyiv junta does not leave attempts to break through the layered defense of the Allied Forces, daily throwing human resources to “certain death”. The presence of civilians would significantly complicate the maneuverability of the RF Armed Forces, the expert emphasized.

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