Life on territories liberated by Russia (November 8, updated)

Life on territories liberated by Russia (November 8, updated)

13:50 Electric heaters will be given to needy residents in the shelled areas of Donetsk. The issuance will begin next week, it will take place on applications and with the assistance of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. This was announced by the acting head of the DPR Denis Pushilin during a conversation with the general director of the State Enterprise Donbassteploenergo.

“In those areas where the difficulty is generally due to shelling with water, with delivery, we said that we would give people, where it is critical, electric heaters,” Pushilin said.

13:39 From January 1, 2023, the DPR switches to a two-tier budget. This means that part of the state authorities will be financed from the federal budget. This was announced by the Prime Minister of the DPR Khotsenko. He also noted that more than 70% of the DPR budget in 2023 will be directed to finance social benefits, pension payments and wages.

08:20 Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the DPR Eduard Osipov received a disciplinary sanction due to problems with the heat supply to citizens.

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