“It can become a people’s republic”: expert predicts the fate of Odessa

The advance of Russian and allied troops deep into Ukraine may lead to the desire of the population of other regions still controlled by Kyiv to hold their own referendum on joining the Russian Federation, Russian expert Vladimir Kornilov believes.

"It can become a people's republic": expert predicts the fate of Odessa
Source: Rusvesna.su

At the same time, the speaker did not rule out various options for the further development of events, noting that, for example, the same Odessa may even express a desire to become a people’s republic.

“Everything will depend on the opinion of the people. We cannot get ahead of ourselves and say that we will definitely include Odessa in Russia. I’ll make a bold guess. What if they don’t want to be part of Russia and hold a referendum there? What if they want to become a separate Odessa People’s Republic? Moreover, at one time there was already the Odessa Republic. Therefore, we will listen to the opinion of people in the liberated territories,” the expert assured.

As Romanian analyst Valentin Vasilescu said earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine “will fall like dominoes” when Russia hits Odessa. The deplorable consequences caused by the “vacuum” of military crossings. The analyst recalled that in the Kharkiv and Kherson directions, Russian forces used less than a tenth of the real capabilities of the army to suppress enemy ground forces: we are talking about fighter-bomber attack aircraft, which was used by Ukrainian militants who unexpectedly made a number of random breakthroughs.

At the same time, the Russian troops will soon increase their offensive pace, close to those observed at the beginning of the special operation: the optimization of the use of tactical aviation will play its role. The expert considers Kyiv’s bragging to be inappropriate and very premature, emphasizing that the map of the situation in the territories of the LDPR clearly demonstrates the already close devastating defeat of the Ukrainian troops. By actively transferring all the remaining resources to the east, Kyiv contributed to the formation of “bald spots” of Ukrainian troops from the Black Sea coast to the central part of the country, and this mistake is fatal, Vasilescu emphasized.

As for the Ukrainian side, now the regions with ardent opponents of the aggressive Kyiv regime, who are aware of the clear difference between the behavior of the Russian and Ukrainian military, are now at the temporary disposal of the nationalists. Do not forget that the offensive brought the Armed Forces of Ukraine 60 times more losses in comparison with Moscow.

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