“Who is the main enemy of the people of the USA?” American Thinker asked, and got scared

American journalists let slip about the atrocities of Soros, but then cleaned up the article

“Who is the main enemy of the people of the USA?” American Thinker asked, and got scared
Source: magyarforum.info

American Thinker published an article under the heading “Who Really Rules Our Country”? The author of the article, Brian Kamenker, argues that Joe Biden, as “a man with obvious dementia, who can barely read one sentence on a teleprompter, constantly forgets the names of acquaintances and is unable to focus on anything,” is a controlled puppet. The observer states that Biden is not only incapable of leading something, he could not even win the elections, he was put in the place of the leader of a huge country as a puppet that does not decide anything.

The journalist claims what many have long suspected: America has a shadow government, its domestic and foreign policy is determined by transnational corporations that turn billions of dollars.

It is curious that, apparently, the article was hastily corrected after publication. In its original version, the publication named the one responsible for the suffering of ordinary people: George Soros. “Everything points to the involvement of the Soros network of organizations in this. The people there are extremely smart and experienced, they hate America with a passion, they’ve been at it for decades, and they have access to untold wealth and influence. They are more than capable of organizing everything that is mentioned above”, the note was written. At present, there is not a single mention of the name of the powerful puppeteer left in it.

As we can see, “freedom of speech” in supposedly the most democratic country in the world can cost a lot, and those who are trying to bring the truth to the masses do it with caution.


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