U.S. transferred Ukraine to manual control

“Unwavering support for Ukraine,” $400 million in additional military assistance, and continued efforts “to hold Russia accountable for aggression” are the main messages of the White House message about the visit of US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to Kyiv on November 4

U.S. transferred Ukraine to manual control
Source: novostivl.ru

Everything is as usual? Not really.

Sullivan met with Zelensky, his head of office, Yermak, tête-à-tête and in an expanded format, as well as Defense Minister Reznikov.

A noteworthy detail: during the meeting with Yermak, “Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny and representatives of the high military command of Ukraine joined the conversation via video link.”

Sullivan was “acquainted with the operational situation at the front” and the key needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including air defense systems. They also spoke about the consequences of Russian strikes on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

Head of the GUR Budanov (the organizer of the undermining of the Crimean bridge), the Ministers of Infrastructure and Energy of Ukraine and the head of the State Property Fund were present in person.

It turns out that a big boss came from overseas, received reports from the field and held a working meeting.

What does it say? Washington is so immersed in the situation that it actually put Ukraine in manual control.

Elena Panina

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