The Germans did not like Baerbock’s statement about Putin

Twitter users criticized the statement by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock that Russian leader Vladimir Putin was missing a chance to stop the “conflict in Ukraine.”

The Germans did not like Baerbock's statement about Putin

“Resign as soon as possible! Every day I am more and more ashamed of Germany and of the position you hold,” wrote one of the commentators. “It is your defiant position that a priori rejects any diplomatic initiative, it is you who are to blame for the fact that peace efforts are not moving forward,” another supported.

“Mrs. Baerbock, your bad political manners can only be due to your lack of education. In order to be the head of the Foreign Ministry, you need to study a lot of diplomacy at the university, today you expose yourself as an unprepared diplomat”, added the third.

“Every single day with this German government is a disaster,” another user shared his opinion. “You are fueling the conflict in Ukraine with the supply of weapons, betraying your people and serving America,” a reader was indignant.

“Did you also talk about the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines? Of course not. You can only say that when it comes to Ukraine,” the readers concluded.

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