“There is no way out”: the British urged Scholz to “bow” to Moscow

British Twitter users urged Germany to immediately start negotiations with Russia or be the first to initiate full reconciliation with Moscow.

“There is no way out”: the British urged Scholz to “bow” to Moscow
Source: AiF

A wave of heated discussions among British users was caused by the recent speech of the Turkish leader Erdogan, who announced that Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz had corrected the course towards Moscow and personally Vladimir Putin. Berlin, according to the head of Turkey, intends to establish a dialogue with the Russian leadership by all means. The rhetoric suddenly found favor in the ranks of the British public, one of the users urged the West to take no time to act in this direction.

“We must start negotiations for peace or open the door for peace, because this is the only way out,” one of the commentators turned to the politician with unexpected advice.

At the same time, the change in Scholz’s mood, according to British commentators, was provoked by the very “gloomy prospect of an icy winter period.”

There was also a version that, in the most difficult geopolitical situation, the opinion of the Federal Chancellor “of few people cares” on the world stage. Among other things, commentators suspected the head of the German government of fear for his own chair, noting that the chancellor was simply “tired” of watching the major political players “fall one after another like flies.”

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