Life on territories liberated by Russia (November 4, updated)

Life on territories liberated by Russia (November 4, updated)

09:21 Congratulations from the Acting Heads of the DPR Denis Pushilin on National Unity Day:

Dear countrymen, compatriots! I congratulate you on National Unity Day!

We celebrate this holiday not for the first year, and it has a special meaning for us. In fact, the people’s association saved the Donbass. Russian people rallied to protect their historical borders, to defend the truth.

Let me remind you that the well-known phrase: “Only Russians allow themselves such a luxury – to fight out of a sense of compassion, because they do not abandon their own” – was said by General Mikhail Skobelev almost 150 years ago.

These qualities: to unite in the face of the enemy, to come to the rescue, to save one’s neighbor, are characteristic of people of different nationalities and religions who value Russia and everything Russian.

The Donetsk region has become a symbol of the solidarity of multinational Russia. Residents of all regions of the Russian Federation not only participate in the liberation operation – they help to restore the Republic of Donbass, and this also shows unity.

With all my heart I wish the speedy accession of the victorious world in order to move on to creative work for the benefit of beloved Russia!

08:15 “Alley of Friendship” was laid in Makiivka. On the eve of Unity Day, maple seedlings were also planted on this alley, which symbolize friendship and unity.

08:13 A nine-year-old volunteer from Donetsk will be awarded in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. Elnur Lumuev has been delivering water to the elderly around the city for half a year.

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