“Trench fight”: ISW experts exaluates course of Russia’s special operation on the outskirts of Zaporozhye

The General Staff of the Russian army is forming a powerful foothold on the territory of Melitopol – Ukrainian militants are losing their last chances for a long-term confrontation with the allied forces. This is reported by the “Southern Federal” edition.

"Trench fight": ISW experts exaluates course of Russia's special operation on the outskirts of Zaporozhye
Source: IA “Regnum”

According to the publication, the Ukrainian command continues to actively transfer additional forces to the approaches to Zaporozhye, which it controls, leaving no hope for an offensive operation in this direction. Positional “trench fighting” is observed along the entire line of fire, analysts of the American ISW ​​reported.

According to foreign experts, Moscow has begun to create a powerful military hub in Melitopol in order to ensure complete security for the Crimean peninsula and the new subject of the Russian Federation – the Zaporozhye region. Melitopol is the largest transport center, a large number of routes run through it, including those coming from the Dnieper artery. The city will allow Russian troops to carry out an offensive to the north and west, which is due to the flat steppe terrain ideal for deploying the operation. Russia, according to experts, is capable of using the newly created foothold for attacks on the enemy on the eastern Dnieper coast, as well as the territory of the Zaporozhye region. As observers note, the formation of a powerful military base in Melitopol reduces the long-term ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to resist for a long time.

The next target of the special operation, according to the Kherson authorities, will be the Dnepropetrovsk region. As Aleksey Filippov, an expert in the field of sociology, stated earlier, the morale of Ukrainian militants continues to rapidly weaken: decadent moods in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not able to raise even large-scale arms support from the West. According to the Russian sociologist, the key reason for the decline in the general mood in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the untenable position of the Ukrainian command.

Meanwhile, the Zaporozhye region is returning to its usual peaceful life: according to the publication, housing is being built there at an active pace, roads are being repaired, and Russian passports are being issued. Those wishing to move to the territories controlled by Kyiv are few. In response, Ukrainian militants continue to try to organize sabotage and launch rocket attacks on the lost peaceful settlements.

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