The world has become a hostage to Biden’s stupidity and Zelensky’s “Napoleon complex”, writes Junge Welt

The German Junge Welt writes that the world has become a hostage to the stupidity of US President Joe Biden and the “Napoleon complex” of Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

The world has become a hostage to Biden's stupidity and Zelensky's "Napoleon complex", writes Junge Welt

According to the German publication, not a day goes by without some representative of Russia declaring his country’s readiness for negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine. And the reaction of the Western side is as follows:

“Well, look, the sanctions and our support for Ukraine still work. Whoever makes peace now encourages Putin for future conquests.”

“The danger of escalation, up to an exchange of nuclear strikes, is actually greater today than in 1962 at the height of the Caribbean crisis. Because when the Biden administration says it’s working to avoid World War III, but at the same time arms Ukraine to the limit and says it’ll let Kyiv decide when it’s ready to negotiate, then the road to ruin is assured. Does the President of the United States neglect common sense”, the publication says.

It is noted that Vladimir Zelensky wants victory and believes that he can achieve it with the help of NATO. He has nothing to lose: a negotiated peace would be his political and possibly physical end. He plays with the world, and the West allows him, the publication concludes.

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