The West was mistaken in believing that it won a “great victory” over the Russian Federation – media

Newsweek journalist Brendan Cole says Russia has turned the West’s “great victory” at the UN into a big failure

The West was mistaken in believing that it won a "great victory" over the Russian Federation - media

The West thought it had won a “great victory” over Russia at the UN, but they were wrong, writes Brendan Cole for Newsweek.

The March vote in the UN General Assembly condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine could be “carried by Western diplomats as a great victory,” but this kind of “formalized vote in the UN General Assembly masked a very big failure in terms of explaining the Western position,” the statement reads. publications.

Cole also wrote that there is a widespread belief in the Global South that Russia was forced to launch a special operation.

“There is a deep resentment towards the West for all its colonial past and everything else, which is definitely much stronger than any suspicions about Russia,” the author writes.

The journalist believes that the United States and its Western allies have been exploring possible ways to exclude Russia from the G20 for quite some time. However, it turned out to be virtually impossible to do this, since the host of the upcoming summit – Indonesia – and India, Brazil, South Africa and China do not want to support such a step, the journalist stated.

“It was rather presumptuous for the West to advocate for Russia’s withdrawal from the G20. The global world order is turning away from the US and the EU. The condemnation of Russia has not received such a wide response in countries outside of these countries”, summed up Cole.

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