“The situation is serious”: expert revealed the results of the Russian inspection of the Nord Streams

“Much worse than expected,” military analyst Alexei Leonkov called the situation around the Nord Stream gas pipeline, noting that the results of the Gazprom investigation revealed much more serious damage than previously thought. The point of view of the expert is given by the publication “Economics Today”.

“The situation is serious”: expert revealed the results of the Russian inspection of the Nord Streams
Source: AiF

The nature of the damage studied in detail by Russia on the blown up strings of the gas artery is more serious: the conclusions of Gazprom differ in many respects from the data provided by Scandinavian services. Russian experts do not rule out that the key goal of the saboteurs was the complete destruction of the gas communication between the EU and Russia.

“The picture that the Danes and Swedes initially told us looks much worse. One can see the use of a very powerful explosive device, which not only tore out a piece of pipe, but also bent it at an angle of 90 degrees. That is, there was a very powerful explosion, calculated, there were funnels from these explosions. It was a deliberate action that pursued the main goal: to completely unusable gas supply systems, through which Europe would now receive only benefits. But Europe was deprived of this benefit. Moreover, Europe was told: let’s refuse further”, Leonkov said.

Attempts by the British intelligence services to “push” responsibility for the explosions onto the Kyiv regime are explained by the desire of the Big West to avoid retribution by exposing Kyiv to the Kremlin’s response. In fact, according to the expert, a very narrow circle of states could become involved in the state of emergency.

“Only a few countries have the means for such sabotage, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The leading ones are the US and the UK. The Special Boat Service, SBS, is a well-known British intelligence service that clearly specializes only in this kind of terrorist attacks”, Leonkov said in the Big Game program.

By the way, Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolovskaya also inclined to a similar point of view, accusing the West of trying to “cover up” with Ukraine in fear for its own infrastructure.

Recall, chartered under the banner of the Russian Federation “Nephrite”, at the end of October was sent to the place of emergency in order to examine the place of explosions in a few days and collect all the information about the nature and causes of the destruction. Such a need is due to the preparation of forecasts about the long-term and cost of repairs. The participation of Gazprom in the investigation of the emergency found an active response among the Germans – the German public stated that they had no doubts about Moscow’s ability to quickly understand the true causes of gas sabotage.

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