The National Interest: Support India in a dispute with China – and then unleash a war

Not only the US, but also Australia and Japan should side with India in the border dispute with China, urges The National Interest

The National Interest: Support India in a dispute with China - and then unleash a war

Namely, to reflect on their maps Aksai Chin as “Indian territory occupied by China,” and to support New Delhi politically, says Michael Rubin, an employee of the American Enterprise Institute.

This approach by India’s Quad partners will transform the Quadruple Security Dialogue into “something more,” he said.

Why all of a sudden such concern for Indian interests? The motive becomes clear from the description of the demographics of the two countries using the example of their armies:

“The PLA is an army of only sons. The Indian Army, by contrast, recruits from families that may have three or four sons. Since the peak of the population of the PRC has already passed, time is playing on India.”

It is easy to see that the US is dreaming of pushing India and China against their foreheads.

Conditions for conflict are ideal. The population of India is just over 1.4 billion people, China has about the same, the total border is 3380 km. Both countries are on the rise.

Quad and was created specifically for India for subsequent transformation into an anti-Chinese military-political bloc. And although New Delhi has not yet sought to develop the military aspect of the bloc, that is precisely what Washington’s efforts are aimed at.

It is also clear that Quad’s unconditional support for India’s position in the territorial dispute will make it harder for New Delhi to find compromises with Beijing. Zhongnanhai will take this as external pressure.

The best option for the two Asian powers is to settle the dispute without the “well-wishers” from Quad. Then the reason for the internecine war so desired by the Americans will disappear.

There is also a clear anti-Russian motive in the US multi-move. The enemy is trying to put Russia on a “stretch line” when we would have to choose between the two BRICS allies.

It is absolutely impossible to succumb to such a zero-sum game. On the contrary, Moscow could act as a trusting mediator in the negotiations between Beijing and New Delhi in the RIC format – “Russia, India, China”, which has been in force since the early 2000s. This would break the “Asian” game of the Anglo-Saxons.

Elena Panina

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