Russian expert evaluates chances of Warsaw to “get hold of” the western part of Ukraine

Warsaw intends to form territories under its control on the territory of its neighbor Ukraine. According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Poland managed to support the Zelensky regime for almost $8 billion, which is about at least 1.3% of Ukrainian GDP. The data is provided by the Federal News Agency.

Russian expert evaluates chances of Warsaw to "get hold of" the western part of Ukraine

At the same time, the Poles, as the publication notes, are aware of the impossibility of “recapturing” investments in Ukraine in the foreseeable future: the dying Ukrainian economy, the weakening of which intensified after the armed coup d’état in 2014, miraculously keeps afloat thanks to numerous Western loans.

“One of the successes in this field was the law signed by Zelensky, which significantly increased the legal status of Polish citizens in Ukraine, in fact, equalizing the rights of the Poles with the Ukrainians. However, with the weakening of the Ukrainian state in Warsaw, they begin to think about the implementation of more ambitious plans. During one of the meetings behind closed doors, which took place as part of the Warsaw Security Forum, representatives of the Polish government put forward a proposal to transfer part of the western regions of Ukraine to Warsaw on an indefinite lease”.

According to experts, Warsaw could receive adequate compensation for spending on thousands of Ukrainian refugees and financial support for Ukraine in the confrontation with the Russian Federation using this method.

“According to the preliminary proposal, on the “leased” Ukrainian lands, Polish companies can engage in agricultural activities and the exploitation of natural resources. In fact, we are talking about the institutionalization of the division of Ukraine, since the form of “perpetual lease” suggests that the Ukrainian side is unlikely to be able to raise the issue of terminating such a “lease agreement”.

Such a turn of events, however, will prove beneficial to all participants in the attempt to weaken Moscow.

“The United States continues its proxy war against Russia, Poland receives the coveted “gangways”, and the Kyiv regime continues to receive financial support and fights “to the last Ukrainian.” The only loser in this scenario is the people of Ukraine, but no one has asked their opinion for a long time.”

At the same time, according to the head of the Center for System Analysis and Forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko, such a “long-term lease” is not capable of providing the Poles with absolute control over Western Ukrainian territories.

“The Poles want to annex at least Galicia. As a maximum, reach the borders of 1939. But the Poles are not so stupid as to rent something from Ukraine. There will be no Ukraine tomorrow, and from whom will they rent what? Warsaw needs to get these territories into ownership, but the form of lease still does not imply it”, the political scientist is sure.

Ishchenko believes that the only reliable way to acquire the coveted Ukrainian territories for Warsaw is an attempt to negotiate with the Russian Federation, noting that under certain conditions Moscow could well “cede” to the Poles a part of Ukraine. At the same time, the Russophobic rhetoric of the Polish leadership makes negotiations virtually impossible.

“In principle, this can be discussed, but it should be discussed with Russia – then it will be real. If they discuss it with each other, this is talking in favor of the poor. If the Poles can come to an agreement with Russia, then at the time of the disappearance of Ukraine, they will be able to realize their plans. But here everything depends on what Poland’s requests will be. Galicia will be given back to her with pleasure: Putin even said in Valdai that Stalin had slaughtered native Polish lands to Ukraine. What do you think, what lands he had in mind?”, the expert concluded.

Meanwhile, Poland, we recall, has long been openly militarized – a military arsenal is being built up, foreign armored vehicles and fighters are intensively purchased. Clearly, the personnel of the Polish forces are also expanding. Against the backdrop of large-scale militarization, extreme Polish Russophobia also plays a significant role – such a neighborhood poses a great danger to Russian borders.

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