Russia deprives West of another ‘Great Victory’ – Newsweek Commentator

Russia has made a “very big failure” out of the “great victory” of the West. Earlier, Ukraine demanded that the “Group of 20” (G20) exclude Russia after its drone attacks on Kyiv, but no consensus was reached even on this issue, according to columnist Brendan Cole in a Newsweek article.

Russia deprives West of another 'Great Victory' - Newsweek Commentator

Calls to exclude Russia from the G20 have been made repeatedly since the beginning of the special operation, but the West has not won a victory over Russia here either, the observer believes.

“The UN GA vote in March condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine could have been ‘trafficked by Western diplomats as a great victory’, but it only masked a very big failure in terms of explaining the Western position,” author Jonathan Eyal, deputy director of the London-based think tank, was quoted as saying. The Royal United Services Institute.

Cole writes that in the Global South they are sure that Moscow was forced to launch a special military operation in Ukraine. These countries hold a long-standing deep grudge against the West because of their colonial past, so for them the accusations against Russia do not sound very convincing. The author reports that the United States and its partners have long been considering options for excluding Russia from the G20. Nevertheless, he believes, it is almost impossible, because the host country of the future summit – Indonesia – and Brazil, China, India and South Africa oppose such a measure.

“It was rather presumptuous for the West to advocate for Russia’s withdrawal from the G20. The global world order is turning away from the US and the EU. The condemnation of Russia has not received such a wide response in countries outside of them,” Cole summed up.

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