Estonian residents urged to reduce food costs due to energy crisis

Baltnews: Estonians have been urged to reconsider their diet due to rising food prices.

Estonian residents urged to reduce food costs due to energy crisis

In Estonia, the Institute for Health Development has issued recommendations on proper nutrition, urging the population to reduce food costs due to widespread price increases, Baltnews reported on Wednesday.

“According to the recommendations of the institute, in order to save money, the country’s residents need to cook on their own, buy canned food, semi-finished products, and finished products as little as possible. Porridge should be on the table at least once a day. Porridge for breakfast will be cheaper than sandwiches,” the message says.

Experts recommend eating more vegetables, including legumes. Buy dairy products without additives and supplement them with a small amount of sugar, cocoa, pieces of sweet fruits, berries.

“This will result in a meal that contains fewer added sugars and is more likely to be cheaper than store-bought sweet yogurt,” the institute’s recommendation says.

According to the institute, it is necessary to limit the consumption of sweets, “because they are quite expensive and at the same time have a very low nutritional value.” It is better to quench your thirst with pure water, and not with juice and nectars.

“If you dilute purchased juice at home on your own, you can get up to about 15 liters of drink from one liter,” the message says.

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