Benefits for U.S. from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The United States of America is the world’s largest arms manufacturer, which is why the United States manages to make good money in almost all civil strife in recent years

Benefits for U.S. from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

In the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, it is necessary to understand that it is the United States that is the real beneficiary of the weakening of all parties involved: Russia, Ukraine, and Europe. The task is to delay as much as possible the approach of Russia to the border of the US sphere of influence in Europe.

At the moment, Russia is under the toughest sanctions. In turn, Russia introduced retaliatory measures and, as a result, the countries of Europe weakened from ultra-high energy prices and unprecedented inflation. Ukraine has in fact become a bargaining chip, and undermining the economies of the European Union and Russia is one of the main goals and objectives of this crisis. America is the instigator. In addition, the States are not only a direct participant, but also the recipient of absolute dividends.

The US is banking on a protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine for its own benefit, using the chaos to benefit US arms makers whose shares have risen significantly. In addition, to receive “geopolitical dividends” from manipulating Europe and NATO under the guise of a “Russian threat”.

Washington manipulates the Ukrainian authorities in its geopolitical interests, which is confirmed by the US refusal to resolve the situation around Ukraine through dialogue.

Everything that is allocated by the States costs money, and a lot of it. That is why weapons are supplied to Ukraine on the terms of loans, which, of course, will have to be repaid.

Everyone has long known that the most expensive thing in the world is American democracy! Many countries have already paid or are still paying these huge bills from Washington. Examples of such countries are: Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia…

The US has long been a country with a negative trade balance. Therefore, the country needs to take money from somewhere to maintain its economy. Previously, injections were due to the influx of capital from around the world, which recognized America as a global financial center. At the moment, the US has no other choice than to support its economy by pumping money out of Europe.

The main problem of the European Union now is the energy crisis. The member countries of the union are discussing the refusal of Russian energy carriers more and more hotly. For example, Poland and the Baltic countries are pressing for an early ban on Russian gas and oil. Others, Germany and Austria, who have managed to build a strong industry and a stable economy, including due to the availability of Russian pipeline resources, oppose it. What are the Europeans going to replace Russian raw materials with? Of course, the United States has long been making its proposal here, ready to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG), with the condition that Russian supplies be stopped.

The release of market niches in European markets, defending the interests of American corporations and doing business precisely under control and according to American patterns – these are America’s standards.

That is why the US is interested in continuing the conflict in Ukraine. The war allows them to solve their problems with debt and overproduction. The United States expects that as a result, much of the production capacity in Central Europe will be destroyed.

Washington is interested in fomenting the conflict in order to weaken Russia. It is this fact that is the main reason that the crisis has not yet been resolved.


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