The Netherlands don’t know what to do with Ukrainian refugees – media

The Dutch authorities are sounding the alarm due to the fact that Ukrainian refugees, apparently, are not going to return home. This is written by Algemeen Dagblad (AD).

The Netherlands don't know what to do with Ukrainian refugees - media

Gazet reports that at the moment more than 80 thousand refugees from Ukraine are registered in the country and hundreds of new ones are registered every day. At the same time, AD clarifies, the capacity of the premises where they can be placed has already reached 96%.

A recent study showed that 65% of Ukrainians living in the Netherlands do not yet intend to return home. Only 7% said they want to return to Ukraine in the near future.

However, the newspaper adds, this study was carried out before the start of Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure facilities. Therefore, today the authorities of the Netherlands do not know what to do with those who have already settled in the country, nor with those who are just arriving.

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