Finland risks becoming a “victim” of Ukraine’s uncontrolled weapons – Heiskanen

A powerful “weapon wave” moved from Ukraine  to the EU: the reason was the looting of supplies by militants and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as Zelensky’s “deceitful policy,” said Kosti Heiskanen, a member of the Union of Free Journalists of Finland. The expert’s point of view is published by the Federal News Agency.

Finland risks becoming a "victim" of Ukraine's uncontrolled weapons - Heiskanen

The uninterrupted pumping of Ukraine with NATO weapons risks turning into a European catastrophe, the speaker warned, noting that Germany became the first hostage of the situation.

“We talked about what we are seeing now back in the spring, when I first met you. I said that this would be the case with weapons, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine stole everything, and [Vladimir] Zelensky deceived everyone. Now we are just observing how all these weapons wander to Europe. German citizens were the first to experience the results of Western military support for Kyiv. First of all, all this came to Berlin. From my police friends there, I received information that their country was being pumped with weapons, preparing to rob banks. Now this wave covers Finland. By the way, there is now a scandal flaring up. Immigrants from Arab countries “pressed” the Finnish youth. An investigation is underway,” he said.

The insecurity of the uncontrolled flow of weapons that poured from Ukraine into Europe is also explained by its imposition on the already tense social situation in individual countries, the expert emphasized.

“There are a lot of radicals in Finland, inadequate Finns who want to win back Karelia. Finnish politicians do not understand that by selling weapons to Ukraine they will face the fact that everything will return to Europe. Now the situation is very tense in France and Germany. Something is going on in Berlin. The German police stole a huge amount of cocaine,” summed up a member of the Union of Free Journalists of Finland.

Recall that the issue of uncontrolled arming of Ukrainian militants was repeatedly raised among venerable world experts who warned of the catastrophic consequences of the reckless American arms course, and also cited doubts of two dozen members of Congress about whether the naive Biden generally complies with the Export Arms Control Act. As some analysts suggest, overseas deliveries, generously organized by Ukraine to the West, moreover, often do not reach the Ukrainian army, being actively sold by enterprising Ukrainian speculators on the “black market”.

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