Weapons destined for Ukraine ended up in Finland

So, these weapons ended up in the hands of organized crime. Finnish media write about this with reference to the Commissioner of the Central Criminal Police Christer Ahlgren.

Weapons destined for Ukraine ended up in Finland
Source: www.posttimees.ee

“We have indications that weapons supplied to Ukraine are already in Finland. Weapons have also been found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands,” the commissioner said.

According to Algren, the data relates, in particular, to assault rifles. More detailed information is not available for reasons of secrecy and an ongoing investigation.

Earlier, even Europol warned that uncontrolled deliveries of weapons to Ukraine lead to the fact that they end up on the black market. And in the darknet, ads began to appear for the sale of not only small arms, but even Javelin anti-tank systems.

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