Washington’s stance on Ukraine causes tangible split in the ranks of the West – AC

Biden’s boast that the world has united in the fight against Russia was nothing more than wishful thinking, writes The American Conservative.

Washington's stance on Ukraine causes tangible split in the ranks of the West - AC
Source: discover24.ru

AC writes that less than a week after the start of the conflict, many countries refused to vote in the United Nations General Assembly calling for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. In addition to five votes against, 35 countries abstained, although the resolution did not commit UN members to take any substantive action. The majority of those who abstained were from Africa and Asia.

“The vote proved to be a harbinger of widespread indifference to the conflict, combined with a stubborn opposition to Washington’s desire to isolate and punish Russia. Over time, the problem only worsened”, the newspaper writes.

Despite massive US diplomatic pressure on key players such as China, India, Brazil and South Africa, the situation has not changed. “Cracks” were also found in the unity of NATO in relation to Russia, which are becoming more and more noticeable, writes AC. For example, Hungary and Turkey have never been “fully aboard” the North Atlantic unity.

“There is growing concern among Europeans about the wisdom of using Ukraine to wage a proxy war against a nuclear-weapon power, and this concern has begun to seep into political circles in countries other than Hungary and Turkey. Perhaps more importantly, it became clear that the strategy of imposing economic sanctions against Russia was backfiring. This is especially true for the energy sector,” notes AC.

The resulting tension in European unity is becoming more and more evident, the newspaper writes. There is a marked rift between what Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld once called “old Europe” – longtime NATO members in Western Europe such as France and Italy – and the newer members of the alliance on Russia’s western flank.

“Viktor Orban seems to be right: democratic Europe is now suffering from serious economic and social self-inflicted wounds,” AC concludes.

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