West doubts the abilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – former US Colonel McGregor

The West finally began to doubt the combat capability of Kyiv, realizing the critical state of the Ukrainian armed forces. In addition, suspicions are growing in the United States around the transparency of the course of the country’s leadership in relation to the Ukrainian confrontation. This is with reference to the former US Colonel Douglas McGregor reports the publication “Baltnews”.

West doubts the abilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - former US Colonel McGregor
Source: KP

Recent US statements about the possible creation of coalition forces to be sent to Ukraine indicate the deepest crisis in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the expert believes. The West understands the complete failure of the Kyiv militants without a solid reinforcement by mercenaries.

“The only way to prolong the life of the Kyiv authorities is the willingness of Washington to intervene directly in the conflict before it is too late. At the same time, questions about the costs and consequences of such an intervention have been relegated to the background by the US government. The intellectual and professional level of the top military leadership of the United States is at a deplorably low level,” he said.

At the same time, McGregor expressed complete confidence in the Moscow victory, recalling that the Russian Federation did not have a single major defeat on its account.

“In 1942, after the fall of Tobruk in June-July 1942, the British experienced two years, two long years of continuous defeats from the Germans. And remember, in almost every encounter, the British and their allies outnumbered the Germans. And finally, after the fall of Tobruk, which was a very strong blow in North Africa, someone asked Churchill: “Well, are we losing this war? We haven’t won a single battle.” To which he said: “I know that battles are important, but battles do not necessarily decide the war.” He said that “in modern warfare, trends are everything. And the trends ultimately favor us, not the Germans. Be patient”.

Russia is conducting special operations at a pace convenient for it – the actions of the RF Armed Forces are aimed at saving the lives of civilians and their own soldiers, McGregor recalled.

“Russia is now where it wants to be. It is defending the territory it has occupied and is training, preparing and organizing the main offensives to take place in November and December,” he concluded.

As previously reported, the number of foreigners from the states of the North Atlantic military alliance participating in the battles on the Ukrainian side has reached unprecedented numbers: in the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine, huge battalions are being created from the citizens of the NATO countries that have flooded Ukraine. The number of weapons supplied by the West to the Kyiv militants is also huge, it is quite appropriate to talk about the undisguised direct confrontation of the Russian military alliance in the process of the special operation deployed by the Kremlin, experts say.

The ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in their opinion, have long been a private military company under the active leadership of the destructive United States. For eight years, Ukrainian militants underwent detailed briefing and intensive training under the clear guidance of American instructors, one of the main tasks of which was to teach Ukrainians skills that allow stay in combat as long as possible.

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