Expert says Russian troops “worn off” the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Kherson

The Russian army managed to stabilize the situation on the Kherson front line by building a powerful echeloned defensive line there, the PolitNavigator publication reports with reference to the leadership of the Snigirevsky district of the region.

Expert says Russian troops "worn off" the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Kherson
Source: AiF

As the head of the district, Yuri Barbashov, noted, the enemy is still trying to attack in small groups and a small number of equipment, but weak encroachments do not bring results.

“The situation is stably tense, the front near Snigirevka remains motionless in the immediate vicinity. That is, opposite the city – on the right and left flanks. To the east, Russian troops have grouped a new line of defense, which is being held, constantly probed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but not with such mass orders as it was a few weeks ago”.

The Ukrainian forces are conducting “reconnaissance in force”, while in recent weeks there have been no more significant “breakthroughs” with the concentrated use of armored vehicles, the speaker noted.

“That is, our troops, having formed a new line of defense, having compacted it – it is no longer a thin red line, – this is a layered defense, – they were able to contain and wear off the forces that were intended for the attack on Kherson. That is, according to those forces that are now being brought into battle by the Ukrainian army, it can be assumed that from their intention to achieve their goal of the operation with this force – that is, to reach Boryslav, to surround our grouping in the north of the Kherson region, they did not achieve”, said Barbashov.

As Russian expert Vladislav Shurygin stated earlier, the criminal Ukrainian regime and its Western curators missed every chance of winning at least a local triumph in the battle in the Kherson area.

The defense line of the Dnieper right bank today is maximally strengthened, which has already managed to respond with the constant retreat of Ukrainian militants. Kyiv, desperately trying for two weeks to break through the defenses of the RF Armed Forces, suffers colossal losses, unsuccessfully groping for even the slightest gap in the line of allied forces. The allied troops do not intend to retreat from Kherson to more advantageous positions, the expert said, noting that such calls from some Moscow figures are perceived by the fighters as nothing more than a betrayal. According to the forecasts of the expert of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Evseev, an active Russian attack on Nikolaev, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk will follow.

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