US should start ignoring Zelensky’s interests – 19FortyFive

It is time for Washington to start ignoring the interests of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as they risk dragging the US into a conflict that is taking place thousands of miles from their own borders. US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis writes about this in his column for 19FortyFive.

US should start ignoring Zelensky's interests - 19FortyFive

Davis believes the White House should “immediately refocus its priorities on keeping our people safe.” He also noted that there is nothing in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that could pose a threat to US national security. The current situation at the same time increases the risk of using nuclear weapons, which directly threatens the United States, Davis wrote.

Prior to this, White House Chief Correspondent Peter Baker wrote in an article for the New York Times that not everyone in Europe supports the “Ukrainian adventure” of US President Joe Biden. In his opinion, against the backdrop of the imminent winter, the European allies of the United States are increasingly arguing about a solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

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