Putin speak at Valdai: main theses of the Russian leader

Vladimir Putin said that the world is now witnessing the degradation of world institutions, the erosion of the principle of collective security, and the substitution of international law for “rules”.

Putin speak at Valdai: main theses of the Russian leader
The West has taken a number of steps in recent months to escalate, they always act to aggravate. Events in the world continue to develop according to a negative scenario and have developed into a systemic crisis in various areas.

The game of the West is bloody, dangerous and dirty. In the modern world, it is unlikely that it will be possible to sit out, the one who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind.

The West always plays for escalation: fomenting a war in Ukraine, aggravating the situation around Taiwan, intensifying the energy crisis and destroying gas pipelines.

The new centers of the world order and the West will still have to start a dialogue, better sooner. Russia’s confidence-building proposals have been tossed aside.

They took, Soleimani was killed – an Iranian general. They killed and said yes, we killed. What is it in general? Where do we live? Completely dumbfounded.

The US has nothing to offer the world but its dominance. But brushing Russia off the political map did not work and will never work. Russia does not challenge the elites of the West, but defends its right to existence and free development, while not going to become a new hegemon.

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