Kissinger’s position on Ukraine is more realistic than Biden’s – columnist

The position of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for Russia and Ukraine, who advocates a pragmatic approach to global security issues, is more realistic than that of Joe Biden, who, after Afghanistan, is trying to shed the “image of a weak president.” So says the columnist for the French edition of Causeur Harold Hyman.

Kissinger's position on Ukraine is more realistic than Biden's - columnist

A confrontation has been long overdue between US President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger over opposing views on the approach to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

“A few weeks before the start of the Russian “special operation” in Ukraine, strategic thinkers of all stripes multiplied the number of prophecies <…> There is one person who was not mistaken, this is the Honorable Henry Kissinger,” the article says.

According to Hyman, Kissinger has a more pragmatic view of the confrontation between Moscow and Kyiv, while Biden took the position of a “hawk”, using militant and moralizing rhetoric against the Kremlin. The columnist for the publication noted that in this way Biden is probably trying to throw off “the image of a weak president, established after the failures in Afghanistan.”

Kissinger makes it clear that the Western media’s impassioned condemnation of Russia as an “expansionist dictatorship” misses the mark. The problem is no longer in geopolitics, but in elementary security, ”the observer notes.

He recalled that Kissinger had repeatedly criticized Western leaders for their approach divorced from reality, while praising the Russian president for his desire to act strictly in the interests of his country.

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