Strategic goals of the United States and Ukraine may diverge sharply – AC columnist

Political commentator and former White House communications director Patrick Buchanan, in an article for The American Conservative (AC), opined that the goals of Washington and Kyiv in the Ukraine crisis are fundamentally different.

Strategic goals of the United States and Ukraine may diverge sharply - AC columnist

The material notes that for Volodymyr Zelensky, Donbass and Crimea are sovereign territories, the return of which to Ukraine can justify the conflict with Moscow that has arisen. However, Washington has never been critically interested in keeping those in power in Kyiv.

Buchanan recalls that throughout the 19th and almost the entire 20th century, Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire, and after that the USSR, and was ruled from the Kremlin. And this state of affairs for the United States did not present any problem, since it is located eight thousand kilometers from Ukraine.

For Washington, the author believes, the main issue in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is not who will have control over the Crimea and Donbass, but that the United States is not drawn into a war with Russia, which risks escalating into a global nuclear confrontation.

“Nothing that is happening in Eastern Europe can justify a full-scale military conflict between the United States and Russia,” Buchanan emphasizes.

Despite the fact that Kyiv is not part of NATO, the United States is the main financier and weapons partner of Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia, the observer specifies. Thus, Washington’s vital interest is to prevent a US war against a nuclear-armed Russia. This, the author is convinced, may soon come into sharp conflict with the strategic military goals of Ukraine. The more the United States supports Ukraine, the further it moves away from achieving its own goals, Buchanan concludes.

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