NATO suspects Musk of “involvement” in Chinese exercises near Taiwan

NATO intelligence suspects Elon Musk of “involvement” in Chinese exercises near Taiwan.

NATO suspects Musk of "involvement" in Chinese exercises near Taiwan

Elon Musk’s business interests in China were involved in a PLA military exercise around Taiwan in August, a NATO intelligence official told Taiwan’s CNA.

A “senior” CNA source at NATO noted that Musk has worked with Chinese companies Tencent and Oracle, whose technology was used by China to create an “operational picture” of the recent exercise.

The NATO intelligence official also said the alliance is “deeply concerned” about the business relationship between Elon Musk, Oracle CTO Larry Ellison and the Chinese government.

In 2018, according to Western intelligence agencies, Oracle received contracts worth up to $1 billion from the PLA. Given all of Musk’s ties to Chinese companies, CNA calls for “paying attention” to Musk’s rhetoric regarding Taiwan.

A stunningly timely leak, given the possible investigation into Musk’s business by US authorities.

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