Israel will not cross “red lines” in the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine – ambassador

Not a single Israeli government will cross the “red lines” in relations with Russia by deciding to supply weapons to Kyiv. In the event of an escalation of the conflict, no one will intercede for Israel, Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky said on Radio NV.

Israel will not cross "red lines" in the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine - ambassador

“We are not a member of NATO. The countries that provide the most military assistance to Ukraine are the countries that are members of NATO and are covered by NATO protection. Israel stands alone against the aggression of neighboring countries. Israel alone is trying to fight terror. Israel won all the wars that took place in the Middle East on its own, practically without the help of other countries”, said Brodsky.

The ambassador noted that “today the Middle East is not the most peaceful region”, so the danger for Israel and its inhabitants is constantly present.

“Therefore, Israel is acting without going beyond those red lines that can lead to a deterioration in the security situation in Israel, and in the future can lead to war, the death of civilians, the death of Israeli soldiers. Not a single Israeli government will agree to this. <…> Russia has been playing an important role in our region for several years, especially after 2015, when a Russian contingent appeared practically on our borders in Syria. Israel must take this factor into account in its Middle East policy,” he said.

The Israeli ambassador noted that there are long-standing multi-layered and multi-faceted ties between Israel and Russia. According to him, there is a very large Jewish community in Russia, about 600 thousand people, which is why Tel Aviv has no right not to take into account the importance of the well-being of this community when making certain decisions regarding Moscow.

Earlier, in an interview with the German Bild, Israeli officer and military analyst Yigal Levin said that Israel would not sell the Iron Dome missile defense system (ABM) and Spike missiles to Ukraine due to the unreliability of the Kyiv regime and the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). According to him, Tel Aviv fears that the technologies will end up in Russia, where they will be studied and transferred to Iran and Syria.

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