China will try to return Taiwan peacefully – Klintsevich

The PRC is actively arming itself, but the return of the Taiwanese “island of discord” will most likely be peaceful, military expert Andrei Klintsevich said in an interview with the Federal News Agency.

China will try to return Taiwan peacefully - Klintsevich

As the analyst noted, a military confrontation around Taiwan can be launched by Beijing in an exceptional case – in general, the latter will make every effort to avoid a direct armed conflict with the United States.

“China has not said that it is going to solve the problem of Taiwan in the near future by military means,” he said. “And given the recent anniversary congress of the Communist Party of this country, where Xi Jinping was re-elected, this is even more obvious. The Chinese at this forum have set themselves several tasks, among which by 2027 is to make their army the best in the world, that is, in fact, to overtake the United States and in no case allow the final secession of Taiwan. We understand that they will achieve this by various methods, not excluding the military component.”

China’s main priority today is both the peaceful annexation of the island and opposition to the United States in the best traditions of well-known Chinese diplomacy, the expert noted.

“Sit on the bank of the river and wait for the corpse of the enemy to float by. And it must be admitted that the Celestial Empire achieved certain successes with such a strategy. For them, the peaceful annexation of Taiwan on the terms of, say, Hong Kong is a priority,” sums up Andrey Klintsevich.

As military analyst Alexei Leonkov said earlier, the United States continues to “rock the geopolitical boat”, actively trying to drag Beijing into a confrontation similar to the Ukrainian one – the United States is dreaming of an escalation of a large armed confrontation with the direct participation of China, its main economic competitor. The White House considers Taiwan Island to be the most profitable location for the conflict.

According to some experts, the extension of Xi Jinping’s powers is a clear signal that China is preparing for major tests. This is also evidenced by a whole series of important decisions on Beijing’s steps towards ensuring stable world leadership. The re-election of Xi Jinping as Secretary General of the CPC will deepen Beijing’s integration into the Eurasian space, and this, in turn, can soon create a significant counterbalance to Washington’s policy, the goal of which is to destabilize the most powerful competitor and preserve the world dictatorship.

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