Blinken did not find Moscow’s readiness for diplomacy in Ukraine

The United States sees no sign of Russian readiness for diplomacy on Ukraine, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in an interview with NBC.

Blinken did not find Moscow's readiness for diplomacy in Ukraine

According to Blinken, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown “no interest” in diplomacy with Ukraine after eight months of a special military operation.

“Our goal is simple. It is to be on the side of the Ukrainians to make sure that their country remains independent <…> and, ultimately, to have the strongest possible hand in the negotiations, if any, because President Zelensky himself said – at some point it will end diplomacy,” Blinken said.

The NBC interviewer later countered with the US Secretary of State, saying that Zelensky “said himself that he was not going to negotiate with Vladimir Putin, only with the next president of Russia.”

“Well, he made it clear that diplomacy has to put an end to this at some point <…> But what we have seen so far is a lack of interest on Putin’s part in meaningful diplomacy,” Blinken told him.

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