Aid to Ukraine will be at risk if the Republicans win – Axios

The United States may stop funding Ukraine if the Republican Party wins the midterm congressional elections, Axios reports, citing statements by Republican representatives in parliament.

Aid to Ukraine will be at risk if the Republicans win - Axios
Source: RIA News

“When people see a 13% increase in food prices, a doubling of energy bills, utility bills, Ukraine is the last thing on your mind,” North Dakota Rep. Kelly Armstrong told Axios.

Another Republican, Kevin McCarthy, in an interview with Punchbowl News, admitted that the authorities would not “issue carte blanche to Ukraine” if the US economy enters a recession and this affects the standard of living of people.

Recall that elections to the House of Representatives and the Senate will be held on November 8. Representatives of all 435 districts will be elected to the lower house of Congress, and 34 out of 100 senators to the upper house. Now the majority in the House of Representatives belongs to the Democrats, who have 218 mandates at their disposal. Republicans currently hold 212 seats.

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